Sunday, October 12, 2008


They say when it come to an end every moment of life flashes in front of our eyes like a reel of film, in a single moment.

In a single moment?

Is that single moment that much capable of carrying all good and bad memories of life if not all, or it’s just that most important moment of life that flashes, is a query.

Well I know no one can answer before dying and no one can answer after so.

Time that creates memories is very special and brief.

Most of the times, time fails to create memories and a day just passes away as just another day and at the end of an year if we try accumulate such memories they piles up to not more than few hours or days, strange that we actually live so less.

If we really live that brief at the end of our life we cannot amass more than a month of special moments.

If it is so, I refuse to be a victim of time.

Everything that starts has an end and no one; nothing escapes this law, not even Love. For those who say, Love never dies. However, everything that dies at least stays in memories that we cherish throughout.

Memories can sometimes create wonders like Taj Mahal or can be so dreary to fade away the next very moment.

Sometimes years of togetherness gives only minutes of memories and sometimes vice versa. Our brain is capable of compressing decompressing and intensifying memories and sometimes even creating artificial memory, which we often call as déjà vu.

Fishing of memories in the sea of events for true stories is as difficult as creating memories, for which we often aid external memory to our brain in the form of photographs, videos and diaries. Such Memories cannot match the real time. Even worse, is storytelling, but I will try?

No words can match the real feelings like “Pain” cannot describe pain, But I will try.